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Group Lesson Deals!

If you would like to attend a group lesson, the simplest thing to do is go to the schedule, find a class you would like to attend and click on the <book> button to reserve your spot (which may include registering and purchasing a Drop In pass).

We have two types of group lesson pricing options: Per Class and Unlimited Passes.

Starter Pass! 3 Classes for $20


$19.05 + tax
SAVE $46!!
Starter Pass Details
5 Class Pack
$95.00 + tax
10 Class Pack
$180.00 + tax
20 Class Pack
$320.00 + tax
Mix and Match 5, 10 or 20 Pack Details

Unlimited Passes

We offer Unlimited passes which cost considerably less than the per class options. These passes are ideal if you are attending more than once a week. Come to a class and speak to one of the staff for details and to purchase.

Winter Special!

Unlimited Salsa AND Bachata classes for less than the price of one

Ordinarily, Unlimited passes are for one type of dance only. This special offers 2 dances (Salsa and Bachata) for the sale price of $111 + tax a month for the first 3 months, and then $165 + tax for both dances afterwards!

You can only purchase this pass in class, so come talk to us and let's set you up for a toasty Salsa and Bachata Winter!

Fine print:
Only available with a credit card automatic payment. The discount gets applied on 3rd month, to average out the 3 months to $111 + tax You may cancel anytime with 30 day written notice.

Private Lessons

If you would like a private lesson, use the Private Lesson Scheduler on this page to find the class and time you would like. You can also send a text to the number at the top of this page to make more detailed arrangements.

Master Instructor (Nina Perez)

Weekend Rates:
Couple (single session)
$140 + tax
$357 + TAX
Solo (single session)
$125 + tax


Weekday Rates:
Couple (single session)
$125 + tax
297 + TAX
Solo (single session)
$110 + tax


Junior Instructor

Couple (single session)
85 + tax
Solo (single session)
75 + tax