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What Social Salsa Dancing Looks Like

Salsa Classes

We offer 4 levels of salsa instruction
Level Salsa On1 Classes Cuban Salsa Classes
1 My First Salsa Month Intro to Cuban Salsa
2 Salsa Mix Salsa Rueda 1
3 Salsa FUN
Salsa Rueda 2
4 Salsa Synergy Rueda Challenge

My First Salsa Month Class

If you have never taken a salsa dance class, then this is the class to take. We always start with a warm up where all the students get exposed to the basics steps and rules. We then show you a fun and easy movement with a partner and put those basic elements to practice. These lessons are designed for first timers, and they are in a drop in style of teaching, which means you can start any week. This class will help you understand the basics, alone and with a partner. You will be able to do a dance move by the end of it, that you could practice outside of class too.

The syllabus of the class is a module by module syllabus. Which means that all you need to know to successfully complete the class is taught to you when you attend the class. No previous experience is required. Our reviews of the information needed is not based on attending a previous class or a future class. All modules are stand alone.

To become proficient in that level we recommend you attend this level for at least 3 months, as we have a rotating 14 module syllabus. Students come to a class and continue in this level until they have been exposed to all the modules before moving on to the next level. It is much like a yoga class, the teacher may change the positions but all of them are the same level of difficulty. Students tend to stay in this level until they feel they have a good hold of the basic elements and they are dancing without thinking.

Here is the syllabus for this class:

  • The High Five
  • The Cumbia
  • Tandem Turns
  • Connection
  • Open Hand Turns
  • Ladies First
  • Hairbrush Turns
  • The Waiter
  • Cuatro
  • Underarm Turns
  • Block The Sun Twice
  • Open To Open
  • Double-Double

Salsa Mix

In our Salsa Mix we focus on the leading and following of on1 style of Salsa. The class is structured in a way that you can drop in to any class. It is easy enough for absolute beginners yet complex enough to look like a more seasoned dancer. We follow a customized warm up and share the class content in a way that can stand alone or can allow you to build on your skills. No need to start on a certain date. No Partner is required.

Salsa FUN! Moves Moves Moves

This course focuses on the basic combinations of leading and following, basic turns and steps, rhythm and connection, you will be able to get on the dance floor as soon as possible and most likely during the 20 week syllabus not only at the end. We also spend time helping you learn about rhythm… there is no dancing without the understanding of rhythm! Last but definitely not least, we teach you how to establish the great connection needed to have a wonderful dance communication with your partner while reviewing all you learn. These moves are like all the ingredients you need to make your own salsa recipe.

Salsa Synergy

This class helps you link the moves you know into "leadable" combinations. We will also teach you easy to do moves that you can incorporate right away to your repertoire. All this in a fun social environment. Prerequisite: Salsa Fundamentals Class or equivalent.

Cuban Salsa & Rueda

Rueda is the cuban square dancing. Rueda originated in Cuba, and the basic steps are similar to Cuban style salsa. However, instead of each couple dancing individually, couples dancing Rueda form a circle (“rueda” means “wheel” in Spanish) and perform moves together to the calls (and often hand signals) of one person known as the caller or “cantante”.

There is a strong communal aspect to Rueda, as all the dancers have to work together to execute the complex patterns and partner switches. This makes it very fun. Rueda is done in the nightclubs of Cuba and around the world. All you need to know is some basic moves and you can join the team effort.

The Rueda moves are easy to build on and because of the nature of the caller repeating the moves very quick to pick up. This is an all levels class because all you need is to learn to walk and we will teach you the rest. If you do have salsa background it will be an asset, and you may be upgraded to a different role, like caller or cantante. We accept role reversals too so if you are a leader that wants to follow or a follow that wants to lead you are welcome to join this class as well.