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Cuban Salsa - 2 Classes a Week!


idance -119 west bROADWAY sT. 2ND FLOOR


You can attend this class with a Drop In, use your 10 pack, or Unlimited Salsa pass. See the schedule on this page to sign up for the next class.

What is Salsa Rueda?

Rueda is the cuban square dancing. Rueda originated in Cuba, and the basic steps are similar to Cuban style salsa. However, instead of each couple dancing individually, couples dancing Rueda form a circle (“rueda” means “wheel” in Spanish) and perform moves together to the calls (and often hand signals) of one person known as the caller or “cantante”.

There is a strong communal aspect to Rueda, as all the dancers have to work together to execute the complex patterns and partner switches. This makes it very fun. Rueda is done in the nightclubs of Cuba and around the world. All you need to know is some basic moves and you can join the team effort.

The Rueda moves are easy to build on and because of the nature of the caller repeating the moves very quick to pick up. This is an all levels class because all you need is to learn to walk and we will teach you the rest. If you do have salsa background it will be an asset, and you may be upgraded to a different role, like caller or cantante. We accept role reversals too so if you are a leader that wants to follow or a follow that wants to lead you are welcome to join this class as well.

The Instructor

Nina Perez has been dancing rueda since her first exposure to Salsa back in 1999 when she was 19 years old. After her first Salsa lesson she joined a rueda team and performed with them for her first year. This is also where she learned to lead and follow Salsa and became an instructors assistant. She has been salsa dancing and teaching for the past 18 years and has taught rueda all over Vancouver from highschool kids to 80yr olds. “ What I love about rueda is that it is easy and so much fun! The team aspects makes it a great experience!” Nina is best known for having very clear instruction and people are amazed at how fast they learn.